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Clay Thomas

- December 4, 2019

This is a great upgrade for the money! Looks great and the install was painless. Definitely clearer tones and more sustain. Just one note though, be sure your PRS was built after 1990 as those before have a 1 piece Milacon bridge. And as such can't be taken apart to screw this block into.

Thomas Walker

- December 4, 2019

Just when I thought my RG was as good as it can get, BRASS happened!!! This easy to install brass block woke up the tone in my RG and gave it life again. I had this RG for over 10 years and slowly it made its way to the back of the line to my other 8 guitars. With my new guitar tone, it has gained front row access to my rig again!!! Thanks Adam @ FU-TONE!!!

Jay Hale

- December 4, 2019

This bridge replaced a Fender American Vintage Strat bridge in one of my workhorse Strats. It's a drop-in direct replacement, absolutely zero hassles with the install, and you instantly notice the added benefit of the TONE boost provided by the Brass Big Block. Compared to the old bridge/block, the guitar sounds warmer, fatter, more alive in my hands, with better sustain for leads and more punch for rhythms. The bridge itself is built like a tank, and virtually identical look and feel-wise to the bridge it replaced. But oh, does it SOUND better. It's great for anyone needing to upgrade/replace a worn-out Strat bridge or just looking to give their guitar a serious personality enhancement!

Maximiliano Leira

- December 4, 2019

I bought a big brass block for a DK2M (maple neck) Jackson and you can really notice how the tone become a lot warmer, and my guitar sounds now richer. It's an incredible tone upgrade, don't doubt it and check it out. In companion with a tremolo stopper I've now greater sustain added to stability and better tunning. I'm from Argentina and all I can do is thank Floyd Upgrades for his fast shipping service and reliability.

Joe Berto

- December 4, 2019

I bought one of these for my Jackson V. It sounds like a completely different guitar. The low end and mids have been increased tremendously. The guitar used to be top heavy and you would have to hold the neck. Now it feels more balanced with the extra weight in the body when I'm playing standing up. If you'er going to get one of these Big Blocks I would also get one of the stabilizers. They will enhance the sound. Lastly, Adam is a Customer Service Super Hero. Every time I had a question with the installation he responded with great advise in a timely manner. Great product, Great customer service, Great Company!

Michael Stinson

- September 16, 2019

Holy hell!!!! The customer service here is nothing short of INCREDIBLE! I ordered twice from here and the same from another parts company. I’ve received one shipment and the other is en route while,...from the other company (KGC) I haven’t even received an email confirming shipping details. Adam, has been helpful to a point that I lack the intelligence to articulate. If the parts sound as good as even a portion of how awesome the customer service guitar is about to reign in sonic Valhalla!! m/ keep kickin’ A$$!!!

Robin Saxby

- September 3, 2019

Pretty tough. You have to really be going for it to strip these-! Adam's T-wrench + these are a safe bet.

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