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Hey Now! As a fellow guitar player and complete guitar nerd, I have been chasing tone since I was a kid and professionally for the past 30 years. I am beyond fortunate that the posters on bedroom walls in high school have come to life and now make up the FU-Tone Artist Roster! If you told the 17 year old version of me that I would be doing this with my personal guitar heroes, I would say: “no waaaay!”

Tone is selective. It is my mission to help you find YOUR tone. By designing ultra high performance parts, using the best materials available to manufacture them and showing you how to install and use them, I am putting the power in your hands! I love talking tone and working directly with you. I am accessible - feel free to reach out to me anytime. Email me or post your gear on social media and tag FU-Tone! Peace, Love and Great TONE!

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Our #1 mission is to exceed every customer’s expectations. That means offering exemplary products and backing it up with unparalleled customer service.

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FU-Tone Brass Block for PRS - USA

This is a great upgrade for the money! Looks great and the install was painless. Definitely clearer tones and more sustain. Just one note though, be sure your PRS was built after 1990 as those before have a 1 piece... Read More

42mm Titanium Sustain Block

Just when I thought my RG was as good as it can get, BRASS happened!!! This easy to install brass block woke up the tone in my RG and gave it life again. I had this RG for over 10... Read More

Fender String Winder

This bridge replaced a Fender American Vintage Strat bridge in one of my workhorse Strats. It's a drop-in direct replacement, absolutely zero hassles with the install, and you instantly notice the added benefit of the TONE boost provided by the... Read More

EVH Guitar Strings .010 - .046

I bought a big brass block for a DK2M (maple neck) Jackson and you can really notice how the tone become a lot warmer, and my guitar sounds now richer. It's an incredible tone upgrade, don't doubt it and check... Read More

Martin Titanium Core Acoustic Strings

I bought one of these for my Jackson V. It sounds like a completely different guitar. The low end and mids have been increased tremendously. The guitar used to be top heavy and you would have to hold the neck.... Read More

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