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When Mike was gearing up for the last Adrenaline Mob tour in 2017, a handful of new Jackson guitars arrived and needed “the treatment”. We have worked on many guitars together over the years, experimenting with different upgrades and materials on every guitar so the tone and the sound that Mike needs from it is there and the performance aspect is so that it corners like a Ferrari.

Mike came to the FU-Tone Lab with his new guitars and we dug right in, outfitting them with the usual Big Blocks, titanium saddle inserts, stainless hardware, brass claws, noiseless springs and EVH D-Tuna’s. Mike was now armed for battle with his new Jackson guitars and off he went.

A few weeks later at The Music Zoo on Long Island, Mike is there with the orange Jackson and asked me to route a small channel under the EVH D-Tuna for added clearance. No problem! However, Mike was visibly nervous about this minor surgery “dude, don’t scratch my guitar!” He was freaking out as I laid into it with a small router – freehand! I mocked him every step of the way.

Our next meeting was at Webster Hall in New York City where Adrenaline Mob was playing that night. I filmed some clips during sound check and shot photos. Click here to read the full story!

There are tons of new tidbits of FU-Tone.com news! First off we would like to welcome Stephen “Stef” Carpenter of DEFTONES to the FU family! Recently I started working closely with Rem Massingill (Stef’s Tech) on this monster project. It started as most of these projects do – with lots of conversations and planning before turning the first screw. I work with dozens of techs in this business and I can tell you that Rem is “one of those guys”. He really knows his stuff, is a stickler for details and most importantly he knows TONE! Little did I know what I was getting into and the first two guitars on the slab were ESP 8 String models! This was out of the normal scope of my 6 and 7 string clients… I consider the guitar and guitar tone a never-ending learning process. I am constantly looking to learn from anyone that I can on my journey. Anyone who presents themselves as a know-it-all is full of shit or trying to sell you something (usually both!). After lots of twisting, tweaking and testing we got this off the ground and I am here to tell you that the tone was massive and bone crushing all while having an insane amount of note separation and clarity! Not to mention sustain for days that would make Nigel Tufnell jealous… As I stood on stage with Stef and Rem at sound check in New York while he put the 8 String ESP through its paces, I was pleasantly surprised to hear how brutal the tone was. All of the power and growl of a monster truck with the precision and control of a Ferrari. The smile on Stef’s and Rem’s faces said it all! This was just the first hoop that we jumped through together with a bunch of stuff in the hopper for these guys. If you have not been to a Deftones show on this tour, I highly suggest going out to catch them!

FU-Tone is very excited to welcome the amazing Zakk Wylde to our list of fine artists. Zakk, of course, needs no introduction and has a established career with Ozzy and his own band Black Label Society. Here are some photos of Zakk with Adam at a recent show with the FU equipped Dean Dimebag Razorback Vertigo guitar!  Check out some of the new photos with Michael Wilton from the current Queensryche Tour with his ESP Signature model guitar featuring FU-Tone Big Block and other upgrades. Check out Nuno Bettencourt on the cover of Young Guitar Magazine with his Washbun N4 Equipped with FU Titanium saddles, 42mm Brass L Block, and EVH Dtuna! Also, FU-Tone is really excited to introduce some really cool new bridge parts and accessories for Telecaster Guitars from Vibramate and Bigsby! Enjoy!

**FU At WINTER NAMM - 2014!**

FU was non-stop work & fun at the 2014 NAMM Show in Anaheim California! It was great to be back in the southern California sun with 85 degrees while freezing snow and blizzards were happening back east! The fun started with an opening night party with Eddie Van Halen and the launch of several new EVH Guitar models. The rest is just a blur but here are some out-takes to enjoy, For more behind the scenes photos check out our Facebook page!


Phil Collen absolutely giving his FU-Tone Ti equipped Jackson PC-1's a
workout! Don't miss Def Leppard new concert film Viva Hysteria in theaters
soon! Also check out recent tour visits with Kreator guitarist Mike Petrozza as he shows off his FU-Tone Big Block equipped Flying V guitars. Also on tour currently is Nancy Wilson of Heart showcasing the FU-Tone Titanium Acoustic Bridge Pins!

*Check out the Details for Phil's VIVA! Hysteria Guitars with FU-Tone!

Jeff Schroeder guitarist extraordinaire is excited to be using FU-Tone equipped guitars on the current Smashing Pumpkins Tour! Between the busy touring and recording schedules he is also currently finishing his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at UCLA, where he specializes in Asian American Literature, Francophone Literature, and Critical Theory!

*NEW* FU-Tone and Mike Learn are pleased to bring you the new PMS (Pickup Mounting System)! The PMS mounts directly into your pickup cavity giving your pick up a direct mounting platform of our famous FU Bell Brass. The increased resonance form the body to the brass to your pickup will add more warmth and sustain.

FU-Tone Custom Titanium Bridges Featured in
Guitar World Magazine 2014 Buyers Guide!
This years new Guitar World Magazine Holiday Buyers Guide issue is full of great gear for the upcoming holiday season. The amazing new FU-Tone Design Your Own & the Titanium Bridges are featured and well worth checking out. Make sure you pickup a copy of the new Buyers Guide on news stands today and all of the beautiful women photographed don't hurt either!

Wolf Hoffmann & Accept Takeover the World!
European Tour is Huge Success!


FU-TONE is excited to welcome new artists Cory Beaulieu of Trivium & Mike Orlando of Adrenaline Mob!

Guitar Aficionado!

Featuring a titanium sustain block, saddles, and saddle inserts, the FU-Tone Titanium Custom Big Block bridge is the ultimate no-holds-barred bridge upgrade for players who want nothing but the best performance and sound from their locking tremolo guitar!

FU would like to welcome new artist Earl Slick to our artist family! Earl Slick has played with David Bowie for many years and on the new record "The Next Day"! Welcome aboard Ori! Also we are very pleased to welcome Bill Leverty of Firehouse, Oli Herbert of All That Remains, Jeff Schroeder with Smashing Pumpkins and Roger Fisher of Heart! Also in the news is Nick Perri's new guitar line of Perri Ink guitars and Eddie Ojeda who recently performed with Twisted Sister at the Sandy Relief Benefit!


FU is very proud to welcome NUNO BETTENCOURT to our artist family! Nuno's playing completely groundbreaking and inspirational. His work with Extreme, Population 1, Satellite Party, Solo Projects and Rihanna have cemented NUNO as one of the greats. Welcome Aboard NUNO!


FU would like to welcome new artist Orianthi to our artist family! As you know Orianthi is an amazing player and knows a thing or 2 about tone! Welcome aboard Ori! Also please welcome Zoltan Bathory of Five Finger Death Punch along with Michael Sweet & Oz Fox of Stryper, Gus G with Ozzy, Scott Shelby & Bobby Tillotson of Warbeast, Phil Demmel of Machine Head, Mille Petrozza of Kreator and Corey Beaulieu of Trivium! FU is proud to add these renowned guitarists to our elite list of world class artists. Welcome Aboard! 
Click Here For Other Featured Artists!

Hoping to transform a thin-and muddy-sounding guitar, I installed a full FU High-Performance bridge, with a brass "Big Block" sustain block, titanium saddle inserts and stainless screws. The results were astounding.
Click here for more info....

Guitar Player Magazine Reviews The Big Block!
As loath as I am to alter anything on my beloved Van Halen replica, a conversation with FU’s Adam Reiver made me reconsider. “Try my Big Block,” he said. “You can install it yourself and if you don’t think it dramatically improves your guitar’s tone, just put your original block back in.” Kind of hard to argue with, right?
Click here for more info....

Adam Reiver & FU Acoustic Bridge Pins Featured in the Guitar World Holiday Gift - Review Guide!

Titanium and Brass Bridge Pins for acoustic guitars! It looks like titanium and brass upgrades are not just for locking tremolos (or breakfast) any more. Take your acoustic guitar to the next level with the ultimate in acoustic upgrades.
Click here for more info....

Perri Ink Protostar Custom Electric Guitar


Adam Reiver and FU-Tone are well known to electric axmen looking to squeeze the last bit of tone from their tremolo equipped guitars by replacing key parts with precision engineered titanium and brass components. But the world of acoustic guitarists will soon be no stranger to Reiver’s products. His new titanium and bronze bridge pins may cost a pretty penny compared to their plastic and wood counterparts, but what they yield in tone, clarity, and sustain make them well worth the price.!
Click here to read the review!


Keeping a Floyd in the Pink - Vintage Guitar Magazine

Remember hair bands? In the ’80s, virtually every hard-rock band sported ripped spandex and hairsprayed coifs teased unmercifully, and every guitar god wielded a pointy, Floyd Rose-equipped guitar with neon finish.
Thankfully, most of that has gone by the wayside, though Floyd-Rose equipped instruments are still big sellers – and can still be big headaches. The burgeoning Chinese-made guitar market has introduced a f lood of inexpensive guitars, many with the infamous “Licensed Floyd Rose” vibrato.

Guitar World Magazine Product Review!

FU-Tone.com Brass “Big Block” and Titanium Sustain Blocks!
RAISING THE BAR - FloydUpgrades.com offers sustain block replacements of the highest quality brass and titanium, and the results are definitely noticeable. Both dramatically improve tone, sustain and response. Because they are direct replacements for stock blocks, they’re easy to install and require no permanent alterations to the bridge. I tried the Big Block on several guitars, and each instrument displayed juicier and fatter midrange and remarkably lush harmonic overtones. The improvement in tone and sustain was nothing short of miraculous and so phenomenal that I was even able to turn off my overdrive pedal!
Click here to read the review!

5.0Floyd Upgrades is Proud to be selected as one of Premier Guitar Magazines - Products of the Year!
The Big Block is significantly larger in comparison to the original Floyd sustain block. Adam Reiver’s Big Block is the best upgrade you can add to a Floyd-equipped guitar. It improves the tone and resonance of the guitar, and it brings out a more natural fullness you may not have known was possible.   Read The Entire Story Here...
FU was all over the 2011 NAMM Show whether it be with our artists, doing on-the-fly installs, working with a slew of our guitar manufacturers or just hanging with our people (the FU hospitality room at the Hilton seemed to be ground zero for whatever was happening). One of the biggest highlights for me was that the JACKSON CUSTOM SHOP had featured several guitars supporting FU Bridges and Upgrade Parts. Including the new Phil Collen model! Here are a few pics ~ ENJOY! Adam

Jimmy Johnson - Tommy Shaw Styx
FU Back Stage Pass!

Top Canadian guitar tech Jimmy Johnson gives Matt Frost a behind-the-scenes look at Tommy Shaw’s onstage rig! Click for more detailes...

The Great Floyd Rose Big-Block Shoot-Out! by Jale Hale

37mm Brass Sustain BlockSince over the past year and a half I've become addicted to FU Big-Blocks of both the Brass and Titanium variety, one of the questions I'm invariably asked is "What do they sound like? What are the differences?" Well, sometimes verbal descriptions fall short; something has to be heard to be truly appreciated, if not felt. It wasn't enough to merely tell someone how much either of them kicked ass over the standard, you really have to hear it and decide for yourself. Read the entire story...
Download soundclips
; Standard Block * Big Block * Titanium Block

Ibanez Edge III FU BIG BLOCK! You asked for it – you got! Check it out! You asked for it – you got it! The FU Brass Big Block for Ibanez Edge III tremolos. I think this is a cool bridge with one of the weakest blocks that I have ever seen… Not anymore! Take your Ibanez to new tonal heights with this simple upgrade!
Click here for more info...

**NEW** FU is proud to announce the introduction of BIG BLOCKS for Fender Stratocasters! You asked for it, you got it! Do not settle for anything but the highest grade bell-brass BIG BLOCKS for your Strat.

** NEW ** Brass "L" Sustain Blocks now available in 32, 37 and 42 mm sizes!
Tone to the Bone! Check out our Titanium and Brass Sustain Blocks!
Tone is selective - period! To the true tone aficionado, tone is almost sacred. Not everybody understands this point but for those of us who do you will know what I am talking about. When a great guitar tone makes the hair on your arm stand up, send a tingle down your spine or (better yet) inspire you to play something that you otherwise wouldn’t have - that puts you in the club of "getting it"! Odds are, if you are reading this, you are just like me - a tone chaser - a guitar geek who will try anything to get a new sound.

New! Titanium String Lock Blocks! NEW ITEM! FU-Tone.com
is now carrying TITANIUM STRING LOCK BLOCKS! These new titanium insert blocks are made from the highest grade titanium available. There is another brand of titanium insert blocks out there that are made from a very low grade of titanium with a psi rating of 40,000 lbs. FU titanium blocks are rated at 140,000 lbs! Are you tired of your little black insert blocks cracking or expanding and getting stuck in the saddles? For the ultimate in performance and tonal response, this is a very easy upgrade to install. Click here for more info...

New! Turbo-Trem Floyd Rose Replacement Bars / Arms! **NEW** TURBO-TREM REPLACEMENT BARS WITH WRENCH!
Have you ever gone to unclamp your locking nut for a quick tune-up at the head stock and come up empty handed when you went looking for your little Allen wrench? NEVER AGAIN! These Floyd Rose tremolo replacement bars have a little Allen wrench built into the short end of the unit! Just pop your bar off and "BAM" you have a wrench right there!.
Click here for more info...

  New! Acoustic Bridge Pins!New! Acoustic Bridge Pins!FU Would Like To Welcome DON FELDER from The Eagles To Our Artist Family! -Don is currently using our new TITANIUM BRIDGE PINS for acoustic guitars! It looks like titanium and brass upgrades are not just for locking tremolos any more. Take your acoustic guitar to the next level with the ultimate in acoustic upgrades. Click here for more info...
Titanium Replacement Saddle
Titanium is not entirely new to the world of guitar players but it has never been common in the world of Floyd Rose users. Titanium is a broad term. There are many grades of titanium and even more grades of titanium alloys. The titanium guitar parts that I have seen in the past were usually made of the cheapest grade of titanium just to say that they were "titanium". The titanium parts that you will find on this site are made from the highest grade titanium alloy available. This has two major benefits - One, the durability and strength of these products make them INDESTRUCTIBLE! Two, the tonal characteristics are out of this world! Imagine tone as a color - this is an entirely new color spectrum that you have never had the chance to paint with yet (try describing color to a blind man).

**NEW** BRASS TREMOLO STOPPERS! The tremolo stopper is not just an efficient way to block your bridge from floating. It plays a huge part in the overall tone of your guitar. As the string vibrates through saddles, base plate and block – you now have a direct contact point to the block that goes straight to the body adding additional resonance. It is just another link in your “chain of tone”. The brass Tremolo Stopper adds another level of warmth and sustain in addition to stabilizing your bridge. Click for more info!

New! FU Brass Spring Claw **NEW** Brass Spring Claw - FU Brass Spring Claw The Brass Tremolo Claw is a tonal monster that replaces the cheap pot metal claw that comes with every tremolo. The weakest link in this chain is the spring claw! Made from the highest grade of bell brass. Use what the pros use!

New! Ibanez Edge Sustain Blocks! **NEW** BIG BLOCKS for IBANEZ! You asked for it, you got it! After many requests and some spec help from my end users (thanks Seth!), FU is proud to release our brass BIG BLOCK for the Ibanez Edge tremolo. Made from the same high end bell brass as our Floyd replacement blocks, this block will make your Ibanez bridge come to life! For increased sustain, warmth, singing highs, clear mids and nice round lows this block upgrade is for you!
Click here for more information about our Ibanez brass sustain blocks...

Boogie Bodies Official Website

Warren DeMartini cutting a solo in the studio
with his FU equipped Performance guitar!

Check out our new TECHS TO THE STARS page - a tribute to the guys behind the scenes!

Our Products Are Used (and Loved) by the Best!
Some of the world's greatest guitarists from the legendary bands rock their fans with our products...check them out! 

"This thing has sustain for days! The titanium big block and titanium saddles are the key for Michael Wilton's sound. There is never a tuning or stability problem. it just makes everything a lot better. In a word...BEEFY. If you have a Floyd, you must upgrade! You will not be disappointed."
- Geno Bishop, Guitar Tech for Michael Wilton of Queensryche