FU-Guitar Korina Model K2-BFD1
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Brass Acoustic Bridge Pins
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How To Videos


Useful Tips and Videos to Help You Upgrade Your Floyd Rose Tremolo

Have you been thinking of doing a block upgrade but you aren't sure exactly how to do the replacement and re-setup of your Floyd Rose bridge? Here are 3 step by step How To video guides to get the job done right! Watch all 3 videos first, then follow along when doing your install. These are not professionally shot but they will hopefully serve as an informative and entertaining guide to working on a Floyd Rose and will give you the information and confidence to do your own Floyd Rose setups and upgrades! Never overpay the local repair guy again!

If you want superior performance from your guitar, the Floyd Rose upgrade and replacement parts featured in these videos, such as tremolo stoppers, titanium saddles, or big blocks/sustain blocks, are available for purchase on this site for your convenience and enjoyment.

Which size block should I order? ANSWERS and how to...

How To Install a FU-TONE Big Block - THE EASY WAY!

FU-Tone.com Tremolo Stopper Demo

How to install an EVH D Tuna

FU-Tone.com P.M.S. - Pickup Mounting System

FU-Tone.com Strat Block Install & Demo

The Key - Easy Intonation Tool for Locking Bridges

Easy Floyd Setup - Lesson 1 - BLOCKING THE TREM

Easy Floyd Setup - Lesson 2 - RE-STRINGING and TUNING

Easy Floyd Setup - Lesson 3 - INTONATE THE BRIDGE

Easy Floyd Setup - Lesson 4 - REFLOATING THE BRIDGE

BONUS - Alternative ways to block your trem