FU-Guitar Korina Model K2-BFD1
$3,200.00  $2,900.00
Save: 9% off
Brass Acoustic Bridge Pins
$55.95  $44.95
Save: 20% off


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About FU

Welcome to FU-TONE.com

Adam Reiver

Greetings from Adam Reiver! Welcome to the new FU-Tone website! (Formerly FloydUpgrades.com) FU does so much more than upgrade parts for “Floyds” and FU just seems so fitting for the circumstances of the name change! I have been working on improving tone with the greatest guitarplayers in the world for the last 25 years. I have found out what works and what does not… I am happy to share this with you. Tone is selective! FU is dedicated to help you find what is best for YOU! Using the best materials available, FU manufactures the ultimate in high performance guitar parts used by the PROS! Obviously, FU specializes in locking tremolo parts but if you dig around the site you will find upgrades for your Strat, Les Paul, Tele, Acoustic and more. In my dedicated effort to bring you the best of the best, I will continue to design and manufacture new FU products as well as bringing in other items that I think are cool. Check back often, feel free to ask me questions and keep chasing TONE!

New Exclusive FU High Performance Bridges!

Warren DeMartini of RATT
Warren DeMartini of RATT
Phil Collen of Def Leppard
Phil Collen of Def Leppard
Slash - Solo - Guns and Roses
Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister
Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister
Mike Wilton of Queensryche
Michael Wilton of Queensryche

FU-Tone would like to welcome SCOTT IAN of Anthrax! Scott has a brutal attack in his playing style and a very keen ear for tone. FU is proud to have this metal legend as a part of our elite artist roster! Be sure to catch Anthrax on tour now. Welcome Aboard! 
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FU "HOW TO" TIPS AND VIDEOS! Have you been thinking of doing a block upgrade but you aren't sure exactly how to do the replacement and re-setup of your Floyd Rose bridge? Our new step by step video guides will give you the information and confidence to do your own Floyd Rose setups and upgrades! NOT SURE WHICH BLOCK YOU NEED? Click here to view these How To tips...