FU-Guitar Korina Model K2-BFD1
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Brass Acoustic Bridge Pins
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Superstar Techs!

It's five minutes to show time, the crowd is pumped to see their favorite band, there is electricity in the air! A few nameless guys (always dressed in black) with flashlights, zip around the stage like ants making last minute adjustments, talking into the mic "Check 1, Check 1,2 Check!" Then it Happens, you see the guy in black with your favorite guitar players axe in his hand and... KABANG! That flaming open "A" chord! The crowd cheers as they get their first taste of that flamethrower in the hands of that faceless, nameless guy. That is usually the extent of the credit that these guys get. Well, I am here to tell you that these guys deserve more credit! So I am going to start this page as a tip of my hat to my brothers behind the scenes. Check back often as I will keep adding to this page and it is a work in progress.

Tom Weber Tom Weber
Tom Weber - Van Halen, Poison
Scott Appleton Scott Appleton
Scott Appleton - Journey, Def Leppard
Grady Champion
Grady Champion - Dimebag Darrell, Paul Crook
Lee Hollister
Lee Hollister - Queensryche
Curtis Laur Curtis Laur
Curtis Laur - John Fogherty, Def Leppard
Joey Stumpo Joey Stumpo
Joey Stumpo - Dokken, Ratt
Geno Bishop
Gavin Menzies - Don Felder, BuckCherry, Steve Stevens, Lita Ford
Mikey Vernon
Mikey Vernon - Queensryche, Quiet Riot, John Sykes
Floyd Upgrades
Dirk “Sumo” Sommers – Everlast
Greg Mandelke
Greg Mandelke - Styx
Floyd Upgrades
Grady Champion & Adam Reiver

Floyd Upgrades
Sammy Bones - Miranda Lambert,
Sammy Hagar, Toby Keith
Floyd Upgrades
Jimmy Johnson and Adam Reiver
Floyd Upgrades
Greg Mandelke and Jimmy Johnson
Geno Bishop
Geno Bishop - Queensryche
Bobby O.
Bobby O. - Motley Crue
Floyd Upgrades
Trace Foster - Joe Perry
Floyd Upgrades
Wolfie - Def Leppard



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