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Welcome to FU-TONE.com

Adam Reiver

Greetings from Adam Reiver! Welcome to the new FU-Tone website! (Formerly FloydUpgrades.com) FU does so much more than upgrade parts for "Floyds" and FU just seems so fitting for the circumstances of the name change! I have been working on improving tone with the greatest guitarplayers in the world for the last 25 years. I have found out what works and what does not... I am happy to share this with you. Tone is selective! FU is dedicated to help you find what is best for YOU! Using the best materials available, FU manufactures the ultimate in high performance guitar parts used by the PROS! Obviously, FU specializes in locking tremolo parts but if you dig around the site you will find upgrades for your Strat, Les Paul, Tele, Acoustic and more. In my dedicated effort to bring you the best of the best, I will continue to design and manufacture new FU products as well as bringing in other items that I think are cool. Check back often, feel free to ask me questions and keep chasing TONE!

New Exclusive FU High Performance Bridges!

When Mike was gearing up for the last Adrenaline Mob tour in 2017, a handful of new Jackson guitars arrived and needed “the treatment”. We have worked on many guitars together over the years, experimenting with different upgrades and materials on every guitar so the tone and the sound that Mike needs from it is there and the performance aspect is so that it corners like a Ferrari.

Mike came to the FU-Tone Lab with his new guitars and we dug right in, outfitting them with the usual Big Blocks, titanium saddle inserts, stainless hardware, brass claws, noiseless springs and EVH D-Tuna’s. Mike was now armed for battle with his new Jackson guitars and off he went.

A few weeks later at The Music Zoo on Long Island, Mike is there with the orange Jackson and asked me to route a small channel under the EVH D-Tuna for added clearance. No problem! However, Mike was visibly nervous about this minor surgery “dude, don’t scratch my guitar!” He was freaking out as I laid into it with a small router – freehand! I mocked him every step of the way.

Our next meeting was at Webster Hall in New York City where Adrenaline Mob was playing that night. I filmed some clips during sound check and shot photos. Click here to read the full story!

There are tons of new tidbits of FU-Tone.com news! First off we would like to welcome Stephen “Stef” Carpenter of DEFTONES to the FU family! Recently I started working closely with Rem Massingill (Stef’s Tech) on this monster project. It started as most of these projects do – with lots of conversations and planning before turning the first screw. I work with dozens of techs in this business and I can tell you that Rem is “one of those guys”. He really knows his stuff, is a stickler for details and most importantly he knows TONE! Little did I know what I was getting into and the first two guitars on the slab were ESP 8 String models! This was out of the normal scope of my 6 and 7 string clients… I consider the guitar and guitar tone a never-ending learning process. I am constantly looking to learn from anyone that I can on my journey. Anyone who presents themselves as a know-it-all is full of shit or trying to sell you something (usually both!). After lots of twisting, tweaking and testing we got this off the ground and I am here to tell you that the tone was massive and bone crushing all while having an insane amount of note separation and clarity! Not to mention sustain for days that would make Nigel Tufnell jealous… As I stood on stage with Stef and Rem at sound check in New York while he put the 8 String ESP through its paces, I was pleasantly surprised to hear how brutal the tone was. All of the power and growl of a monster truck with the precision and control of a Ferrari. The smile on Stef’s and Rem’s faces said it all! This was just the first hoop that we jumped through together with a bunch of stuff in the hopper for these guys. If you have not been to a Deftones show on this tour, I highly suggest going out to catch them!

FU-Tone is very excited to welcome the amazing Zakk Wylde to our list of fine artists. Zakk, of course, needs no introduction and has a established career with Ozzy and his own band Black Label Society. Here are some photos of Zakk with Adam at a recent show with the FU equipped Dean Dimebag Razorback Vertigo guitar! Check out some of the new photos with Michael Wilton from the current Queensryche Tour with his ESP Signature model guitar featuring FU-Tone Big Block and other upgrades. Check out Nuno Bettencourt on the cover of Young Guitar Magazine with his Washbun N4 Equipped with FU Titanium saddles, 42mm Brass L Block, and EVH Dtuna! Also, FU-Tone is really excited to introduce some really cool new bridge parts and accessories for Telecaster Guitars from Vibramate and Bigsby! Enjoy!


FU was non-stop work & fun at the 2014 NAMM Show in Anaheim California! It was great to be back in the southern California sun with 85 degrees while freezing snow and blizzards were happening back east! The fun started with an opening night party with Eddie Van Halen and the launch of several new EVH Guitar models. The rest is just a blur but here are some out-takes to enjoy, For more behind the scenes photos check out our Facebook page!

Phil Collen absolutely giving his FU-Tone Ti equipped Jackson PC-1's a
workout! Don't miss Def Leppard new concert film Viva Hysteria in theaters
soon! Also check out recent tour visits with Kreator guitarist Mike Petrozza as he shows off his FU-Tone Big Block equipped Flying V guitars. Also on tour currently is Nancy Wilson of Heart showcasing the FU-Tone Titanium Acoustic Bridge Pins!

Jeff Schroeder guitarist extraordinaire is excited to be using FU-Tone equipped guitars on the current Smashing Pumpkins Tour! Between the busy touring and recording schedules he is also currently finishing his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at UCLA, where he specializes in Asian American Literature, Francophone Literature, and Critical Theory!

*NEW* FU-Tone and Mike Learn are pleased to bring you the new PMS (Pickup Mounting System)! The PMS mounts directly into your pickup cavity giving your pick up a direct mounting platform of our famous FU Bell Brass. The increased resonance form the body to the brass to your pickup will add more warmth and sustain.

FU-Tone Custom Titanium Bridges Featured in
Guitar World Magazine 2014 Buyers Guide!
This years new Guitar World Magazine Holiday Buyers Guide issue is full of great gear for the upcoming holiday season. The amazing new FU-Tone Design Your Own & the Titanium Bridges are featured and well worth checking out. Make sure you pickup a copy of the new Buyers Guide on news stands today and all of the beautiful women photographed don't hurt either!

FU "HOW TO" TIPS AND VIDEOS! Have you been thinking of doing a block upgrade but you aren't sure exactly how to do the replacement and re-setup of your Floyd Rose bridge? Our new step by step video guides will give you the information and confidence to do your own Floyd Rose setups and upgrades! NOT SURE WHICH BLOCK YOU NEED?
Click here to view these How To tips...

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